Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Receiving Critical Feedback to be of Greater Service

Tonight, I receive an honest email with critical feedback from a friend who attended a workshop and group I co-taught and co-led with other teachers.  There was specific feedback on how certain portions of the workshop and groups made her feel uncomfortable.

In reading the email,  I was surprised to find I was genuinely happy and grateful for her honest and open sharing as I know it will really help my teaching team improve.  I was actually excited to receive this information and to share it with the rest of my team as it was very insightful and valuable.

In the past, I believe, I would have probably felt really bad that something I did made her uncomfortable and that I made such mistakes.  Or perhaps I would be hurt or  defensive.  In any case, my response would not be as positive.

In this situation, I was aware of the love my friend had for me, the courage it took her to write this honest email, and the safety she may have felt that her email would be received in a positive way.
I know I have come to this place where I can be genuinely happy and grateful to receive critical feedback because of my teacher, Dr. & Grandmaster Sha, and other Divine Channels who have imparted such great wisdom and blessings to help me clear many of my negative attitudes, mindsets, beliefs, ego, attachments and more.  This has truly been a great gift!

Some may feel that my friend wrote with love and so her feedback could be received with love. However, what if the feedback was presented in a harsher manner?  Would I still be to receive the message happily, graciously and gratefully?  I would hope so, however, if I did not, I would continue to use the wisdom and wonderful strategies Dr. & Master Sha and some of his other Divine Channels have shared.  I remember a comment from Master David Lusch, who said, "to learn our mistakes is not to feel horrible, it is to awaken to be a greater Tao servant!"  This teaching helps me to remember that I do not need to beat myself up for making mistakes.  Instead, I can
1. express gratitude for the feedback/teaching,
2.  express forgiveness for mistakes; and
3. transform any of my negative feelings and the mistakes and blockages by applying any of Dr. & Master Sha's practices or blessings from any of his books, videos, teachings.

This response helps me to refocus on how to be a greater servant rather than any negative emotional response.   For more information about Dr. Sha's teachings and blessings and how it can help you make the most of critical feedback, you can go to or contact me at  It would be my greatest honor to serve you!

With greatest love and gratitude,  Master Laurie

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