Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Receiving Critical Feedback to be of Greater Service

Tonight, I receive an honest email with critical feedback from a friend who attended a workshop and group I co-taught and co-led with other teachers.  There was specific feedback on how certain portions of the workshop and groups made her feel uncomfortable.

In reading the email,  I was surprised to find I was genuinely happy and grateful for her honest and open sharing as I know it will really help my teaching team improve.  I was actually excited to receive this information and to share it with the rest of my team as it was very insightful and valuable.

In the past, I believe, I would have probably felt really bad that something I did made her uncomfortable and that I made such mistakes.  Or perhaps I would be hurt or  defensive.  In any case, my response would not be as positive.

In this situation, I was aware of the love my friend had for me, the courage it took her to write this honest email, and the safety she may have felt that her email would be received in a positive way.
I know I have come to this place where I can be genuinely happy and grateful to receive critical feedback because of my teacher, Dr. & Grandmaster Sha, and other Divine Channels who have imparted such great wisdom and blessings to help me clear many of my negative attitudes, mindsets, beliefs, ego, attachments and more.  This has truly been a great gift!

Some may feel that my friend wrote with love and so her feedback could be received with love. However, what if the feedback was presented in a harsher manner?  Would I still be to receive the message happily, graciously and gratefully?  I would hope so, however, if I did not, I would continue to use the wisdom and wonderful strategies Dr. & Master Sha and some of his other Divine Channels have shared.  I remember a comment from Master David Lusch, who said, "to learn our mistakes is not to feel horrible, it is to awaken to be a greater Tao servant!"  This teaching helps me to remember that I do not need to beat myself up for making mistakes.  Instead, I can
1. express gratitude for the feedback/teaching,
2.  express forgiveness for mistakes; and
3. transform any of my negative feelings and the mistakes and blockages by applying any of Dr. & Master Sha's practices or blessings from any of his books, videos, teachings.

This response helps me to refocus on how to be a greater servant rather than any negative emotional response.   For more information about Dr. Sha's teachings and blessings and how it can help you make the most of critical feedback, you can go to or contact me at  It would be my greatest honor to serve you!

With greatest love and gratitude,  Master Laurie

Friday, October 23, 2015

Purification to Allow for Greater Service

As I reviewed my last post,  in retrospect, I am aware of the deeper purification I needed that day.  The following day, I had the great honor to receive authorization from Dr. and Grandmaster Sha to be able to write and sell some Tao Calligraphies he had taught us!  It was such a great blessing and I was so grateful that I received such purification the previous day that helped make it possible for me to recieve such a great honor, blessing, and opportunity to be of greater service!

Many times, when purification occurs, one can get caught up in with the pain and challenge of the process.  In one of my previous blogs, I attached a video of Master David giving such wise teachings of how to best move through purification and spiritual testing and I recommend we all review it again!

The response of acknowledging we are purifying or in spiritual testing, sincerely being grateful for the process, asking forgiveness, learning the lesson connected to purification/spiritual testing, and doing a practice to help transform one's condition is so valuable!  I found that when I apply Dr. & Master Sha's teachings and focus on love, forgiveness, compassion, light, gratitude, and service, the purification process moves through much more quickly.  Often I have observed that sometimes we prolong our purification and testing process by focusing on the purification blockage by talking about it, analyzing it, etc.  Instead, I immediately try to transform it by saying something like, "thank you (for the awareness and lesson), I'm sorry, please transform to love and light."  I then use any of Dr. & Master Sha's recommended mantras or practices.

The rewards in working on our purification are so profound, so generous and beneficial to one's soul journey.  I feel so much lighter and joyous!  I know you can as well!

With greatest love and light,  Master Laurie

Thursday, September 24, 2015

More time in Tao Chang Healing Field

The following are my experiences of several sessions in the Tao Chang Healing Field.

Morning session:  I literally just came out of the Tao Chang Healing Field minutes ago and I felt compelled to share my experiences.  This morning I had an hour to be in this greatest healing field which provides one of the greatest healing services.  My mind feels like it is slowly adjusting back to this world.  I feel quieted like I don't want to speak a sound.  It is an ethereal sense of peace.

I started with my honoring of the space and my forgiveness practice which continued as I lay on the massage table in the room.  I could feel the blockages within my heart space slowly easing.  I had images and the sense of molasses textured blockages within me transforming to dusty sand then dissolving away.  I feel so grateful and blessed!

Evening session:  I entered the sacred space that evening with a bit of a headache.  I was blessed to spend another hour there.  More blockages released - my headache intensified and I also felt some nausea.  I knew this was a deeper level of purification for me and I attempted to go into deeper forgiveness and gratitude, however, my physical discomfort made it difficult to think.  Due to my headache, I tried not to lie and did some sitting meditation, and movement to work out some of the tension and blockages.  I wanted to focus more on my lower abdomen area however felt blocked there.  At the end of my hour, I was still in the state of physical purification and I was so grateful!  My soul could understand that this physical release was a great blessing!  My pain subsided over the course of the evening and I went to bed feeling much better!  I knew I was so blessed that I was able to get deep levels and layers of healing in the Tao Chang Healing Field.  We are so blessed to have such a powerful healing and purification service!

Thank you Master Sha and Heaven for bringing this space to serve humanity!

Friday, September 18, 2015

One of the Greatest Services - Tao Chang Field

One of the greatest service that Dr.  & Master Sha has created is the Tao Chang Healing Field, located in Honolulu, Hawaii.  This room is a most powerful and sacred healing field, given to humanity to heal, rejuvenate, purify, and transform any aspect of one's life, including physical, emotional, mental health issues, relationships, finances and more.  Within this space, one is surrounded by over twenty sacred, beautiful, and powerful healing Tao calligraphies written and blessed by Dr. and Master Sha that provides immense healing and blessings.

I could feel my soul's excitement as my time to enter the Tao Chang Healing Field neared.  Upon entering this sacred space, one is instructed to bow in honor of the sacred field, do a forgiveness practice, and make a healing request.   I made a request to greater align with the Divine or Creator so I could be a greater servant for humanity and all souls. 

After entering the Tao Chang Field, I laid on a massage table alongside others receiving blessings, including my daughter, niece and mother.  It was a heart warming feeling to have my family share 
this experience with me.

I saw my daughter and niece passed out and thought I would soon be sleeping soundly too.  Instead   I immediately noticed some anxiety coming up, I had booked 2 hours in the Tao Chang Field but my mind kept thinking this was not enough!  I was acutely aware of my many blockages that needed to be cleared and knew I needed a LOT of time in the Tao Chang Field!  I knew I needed to deepen my forgiveness practices and continuously ask for forgiveness for all of my and my ancestors' mistakes that had created such blockages within me.

My mind seemed to be aware of the many things happening around me.  I could clearly hear the teachings being shared in the room outside and the wisdom penetrated deeply within my soul. I could feel physical sensations within my body.  It started on my left side then moved to my right side, then back to my left side.  So many blockages were being removed all over my body including my brain. Later, I started seeing colors, and images such as faces and felt the presence of many beings and realized my spiritual channels were opening!  I was so grateful!

There seemed to be so many levels and layers of things going on at such rapid speeds that my mind could not even process a small percentage of what was occurring.  I was so grateful I booked two hours for my session as my purification kept deepening.  The physical discomfort I experienced prior to stepping into the room subsided, however, my mind and body felt spent as so much healing, purification, and openings occurred.  I felt so extremely grateful and looked forward to my next Tao Chang Field experience.

The next day,  I was again blessed to be able to lie in the Tao Chang Field for another 2 hours.  This second experience was quite different.  I found myself knocked out for a bit.   I woke up and saw my daughter had entered the sacred space.  She happily greeted me and laid down on the massage table next to me.  This happy greeting itself demonstrated the positive transformation of my daughter as she usually would not greet me in such a delightful way.   I was thrilled!

During this second session, although my mind seemed to be in a half sleeping state, I began receiving messages as I asked how I could better align with the Source.  I had the feeling and image of universes opening up to me allowing me to get a greater understanding of what it means to align with the Source.  I knew messages were being communicated to me, however, my mind could not clearly comprehend it.  I was comforted however, as I felt I received these messages on deeper soul level.

After I flew back home,  I felt the frequency shift and felt my energy and mood somewhat deflated.  I quickly connected and remembered my experience in the Tao Chang Field and to my happy surprise, my energy and mood quickly lifted and I felt such light around me!  I was amazed as even though I was no longer physically in the Tao Chang Field, it was still generously serving and blessing me.

Although I have tried to articulate my experiences, I realize again that my descriptions are so incomplete and limited.  Every experience is unique and one truly has to experience this AMAZING Tao Chang Healing Field for oneself!  I cannot say enough about the great generosity Dr. and Master Sha and Heaven has given us to have such a high level healing service on Mother Earth!  I highly encourage everyone to receive this powerful service!  I am excited to return to the Tao Chang Field again and to bring my spouse and other family members to also receive the profound healing blessings of one of the greatest treasures and services!


Friday, September 4, 2015

Great Blessings through Service

I was most honored and grateful to become a Tao Calligraphy Teacher a couple of weeks ago.  I was so excited to be able to serve in this way and was thrilled to get authorization from Dr. & Grandmaster Sha to hold an Introduction to Tao Calligraphy Writing Workshop, the following Sunday.

I felt the workshop went well!  With just a few days notice,  I had sixteen participants.  The workshop also received positive evaluations and I was happy to hear that a student realized the sacredness and power of Tao Calligraphy!   In reflecting upon the workshop experience where I believed I would be of service,  I realized instead that I was the one receiving good service and great blessings!

In the process of developing my presentation, I was able to consult with a most gracious and wise Tao Calligraphy Healer from Toronto who speaks and writes fluently in Chinese.  She gave such wonderful suggestions and tips.  Our email interactions warmed my heart!  For me, it was a true blessing to collaborate and connect with such a beautiful soul although we were physically miles apart.

I also received great blessings as I reviewed videos and resources by my beloved teacher, Dr. & Grandmaster Zhi Gang Sha.  The blessings from his You Tube videos, dvds, and books were so powerful and inspiring, my supposed "work" to prepare my presentation went by quickly and happily! This was quite a shift from my university days where I would feel quite stressed and anxious preparing for presentations.  I cannot thank Dr. & Grandmaster Sha enough as my life has truly transformed since I have met him.  I have received tremendous wisdom, blessings, and practices that continue to help me grow in so many ways and have allowed me to become a greater servant!

I strongly encourage everyone to attend Dr. and Grandmaster Sha's next Tao Calligraphy Special Training and other events!  It will surely bless and serve you beyond words!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Great Value of Receiving Yin/Yang Feedback from Others to be of Greater Service

I have been blessed with spiritual mothers, fathers and teachers who would demonstrate great humility and openness by requesting their students to openly and honestly give them feedback on how they can improve.  They would say this is a way we can show our love to them so they can also improve.  This touched my heart deeply and made me feel more comfortable sharing with them as I did really love and respect them.

Thinking of how I too really want to improve, I encouraged students in a group I co lead to provide written feedback on the group and myself as one of the leaders.  It was most enlightening and humbling!  I have wonderful members who are very sweet and was so grateful they were able to more honestly share their perceptions on my strengths and weaknesses.   The responses were very gracious and as I read through the evaluations I got further insights about myself.  

To be honest, as I started writing this blog, my initial intentions were to share my gratitude and reactions to learning more about areas I needed to work on, how my forgiveness practice led me to have greater insights of other blockages and areas to strengthen.  Although, these insights were very valuable to me, another realization about yin/yang balance came through.

In the middle of writing this blog, I realized I was also repeating a pattern of being overfocused on my weaknesses that can sometimes lead me to be overly critical on myself and feeling a bit down.   I remembered many years ago in my counseling practicum, my supervisor firmly yet compassionately informed me I wasn't as attentive when he shared what I did right, however, I would be alert and only write down areas I needed to improve.  He taught me that I also needed to know what I did right so I could continue doing those things.  I have passed along and shared this wisdom with my clients, but realized I still haven't mastered it myself.  Thinking about my recent evaluation right now, I can remember the reported areas I needed to improve but actually do not remember my reported strengths.

Dr. & Master Sha often shares the wisdom that everything has two sides, everyone and everything has a Yin Yang nature. Receiving feedback to improve one's service also follows that wisdom.  If a person overly focuses on one's weaknesses, one can feel depressed, lose confidence in one's self.  If one focuses only on one's strengths, one can create greater ego and lose the precious opportunity to move forward to improve.  I am grateful that I received this teaching and insight of how I can have a more balanced yin yang approach to receiving and integrating feedback so I may be of greater service.

Enjoy the teachings of Dr. & Master Sha on the Yin Yang Law and how it can help you in all areas of your life.

Teaching on Yin/Yang Law

Friday, August 14, 2015

Balancing and Prioritizing My Service with my Family

Balancing and prioritizing how and where I serve is something I continue to work on.  I have felt a great commitment and honor to be able to serve in various ways, as a psychologist, healer, mother, spouse, mentor, friend, etc. 
Recently, I have been traveling back and forth on weekends to be able to better serve my soul journey by being able to be with my beloved spiritual teacher, Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha.   This for me has been one of the greatest honors and privileges.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to also serve as Dr. & Master Sha's disciple and Worldwide Representative.       
I am also very appreciative of my family and my career.  I have been very blessed to have a supportive family and clients with whom I really enjoy working.  Because my family have been quite supportive for me in the past and I have been able to take trips when needed for workshops or events I feel I am sometimes taking them for granted.
I had a great realization on how much I needed to better serve them when I returned home from a workshop and reflected on my interaction with my family.  When I was away, I was quite busy and rarely contacted them.  When I returned home from my trips, they were already asleep.  The next morning I was also up early on teleconference calls.  One time, when my spouse greeted me for the first time since I was away and wanted some attention, I instead, I gave him an "excuse me, I'm on the call" look.  As he turned away, I immediately felt so sorry and silently did a forgiveness practice.  I was aware that I really needed to integrate the deep teachings and wisdom Dr. & Master Sha shares of giving greatest love, compassion to our family and being in balance.

I have since made greater attempts when I am home to be more consciously present with them.  I am grateful for evenings when I am able to return home before my daughter's bedtime to give her my full attention and pour my love in the massages she loves to receive.  I am also working on having each interaction with my spouse whether a greeting, text, request, etc. be of a more loving and appreciative tone.   This has really helped me feel more aligned with the love and joy of service, my teacher, Dr. & Master Sha teaches us and constantly embodies.  I am most grateful that I have received this important insight of how I can be of greater service in this way!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Serving with Greatest Love

Today, I had the great honor to spend another day with my teacher, Dr. & Grandmaster Zhi Gang Sha, Tao Source Grandmaster, Miracle Healer, and my greatest role model.

Serving with greatest love was the teaching of the day for me!  Dr. & Master Sha gave teachings and led us through practices to open our hearts, to feel, receive and give greatest love.

Greatest love was present in all the healing demonstrations and they touched my heart deeply.   In one healing, Dr. & Master Sha called upon Master Pamela Uyeunten to help a new student who came in with a neck brace and reported being in pain for years due to an accident.  He initially reported a constant pain level of about 9 on scale of 0-10.  I could see the pain in his face and my eyes teared as I heard his story and could sense the pain he suffered.  After the healing, he reported pain levels dropped between  zero and one!  It was truly a miracle!  

In another healing demonstration, Master Sha chose an individual who was in a wheelchair and reported being diagnosed with a stage 2 rare cancer which caused him to have greatly fluctuating blood pressure which caused him to be too weak to walk at times.  Master Sha recommended that this person come for the Tao Miracles Healing week that started the following day to continue to receive blessings.  His spouse said she wouldn't be able to bring him. My heart fell as I thought about the possible lost healing opportunities for this special soul.  

I could feel Master Sha's heart, great love and desire to serve them.  He said he would still serve them that day and shared a heart opening story.  He encouraged them to "try their best to come."  I sensed a feeling of hopefulness in the man and a heart opening in his spouse.  I kept a look out the following day to see if they would come.  I was thrilled when I saw they made it.  I was amazed to see the gentleman now able to stand on his own on the stage to share his progress of having a more stabilized blood pressure which made him stronger so he could walk. It was a heart moving experience!

I feel extremely blessed to be able to witness these healing miracles and to experience how Greatest Love melts blockages and opens hearts so healing can occur.  I feel so extremely grateful to continue to be able to learn and purify with all of the teachings, healings, and practices Dr. & Master Sha offers so I too can give greater service by giving greatest love.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Master Sha, the Greatest Universal Servant

I have been so blessed to have been able to spend a day with my teacher, Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha, Tao Source Grandmaster, Miracle Healer, and the Greatest Universal Servant.

Dr. & Master Sha, travels tirelessly around the world serving all souls.  After back to back workshops workshops in Australia, he arrived in Hawaii.  Straight from the airport, he met with his students -  teaching, guiding, and blessing us beyond our comprehension.

He soon started writing powerful Tao Source Healing Calligraphies for the Tao Miracle Healing Demonstrations and Tao Miracle Healing Week that would start the next morning.  He allowed a few students helping with the event to experience the great healing power of the Tao Source Calligraphies.  After meditating with the calligraphies for only two minutes some students' physical pains were gone.  My healing request was to open my heart further, so that I could be a greater universal servant and serve with greater love, forgiveness, compassion, light and more.  I could feel a clearing in my chest area and the area felt so much lighter and much more open.  I could feel my blockages continue to release throughout the rest of the day.

The next morning, as soon as I entered the Tao Source Calligraphy Healing Field where so many of Master Sha's Tao Source Calligraphies were displayed, I cried in great gratitude.  I was so happy to feel this deeper opening in my heart.  I could feel the great power of the sacred healing field Dr. & Master Sha created and was so profoundly grateful for all Master Sha has sacrificed and all he gives us.   He is always thinking about others and how to best serve them.  I have very far to go to be even a small percentage of where Master Sha is, however, because of the profound blessings, wisdom, guidance, strategies, and tools he gives us I am so hopeful and confident that I am able to move in the right direction.  Thank you so much Master Sha!  I love and appreciate you beyond words!

You too can experience the greatest love and healing blessings of Dr. & Master Sha and the Tao Source Calligraphy Healing Field.  Register for Tao Healing Miracle Healing Events at You will be so extremely blessed!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Service through Tao Calligraphy

I have been so very honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to participate in Dr. & Master Sha's Tao Calligraphy Special Training for the past two years.  Learning and practicing these sacred calligraphies has been so fun and enjoyable and has helped me transform many blockages that have been keeping me from being of greater service! 

Practicing the characters Tao Guang (Tao Light) and Ling Guang (Soul Light) almost daily, and providing Tao Soul Light Calligraphy blessings to over 20 case studies, have really helped my soul journey!  For over a year, I have felt blockages in my ability to be of greater service.  My availability, motivation and ability to do simple tasks, participate in meetings, do practices were challenged.  I felt so very grateful I had the Tao Calligraphy training for it provided me the opportunity to clear and transform many blockages!  I felt so much happier, peaceful, and motivated when I did my Tao Calligraphy practice and gave Tao Calligraphy healing blessings!

Below is a short testimonial from one of my case studies who had difficulty sleeping.  I gave her a Tao Calligraphy blessing and gave her a Tao Guang calligraphy.

"After a few days (from the blessings)...of tracing the calligraphy "Tao Guang" 10 times during the morning and 10 times in the evening, I saw instant results!  I was able to fall asleep quicker as my head hit the pillow.  I then increased the tracing up to 50 times in the A.M. and 50 times P.M. where by I can fall asleep instantly.  I now have gone back to 10 times in the A.M. and 10 times in the PM and continue to have good sleep.  I also don't get up after 2 hours and if I do I don't have difficulty falling asleep again.  My sleeping has been so wonderful!"  - Susan

I encourage everyone to receive Tao Soul Light Calligraphy blessings and to participate in Master Sha's and other Divine Channels or certified Tao Calligraphy Teachers workshops to learn to heal, transform, and be of greater service!

Below are videos of Master Sha teaching how to write Tao and Ling!

With greatest love, Master Laurie

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Purification and Spiritual Testing

Aloha everyone,

My humble apologies for not blogging as regularly as I hoped.  Since my last post, I was able to receive much purification and spiritual testing!  However, I sincerely am so very happy, grateful and honored for these experiences as they have helped me receive tremendous wisdom and insights on how to be able to continue to serve during challenging times.   These challenges provided me with precious opportunities for growth and being of higher service.   Being able to purify further and "pass" several spiritual tests have allowed me to receive the greatest honor - to become a Worldwide Representative and Disciple of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha and a Divine Channel.  I cannot thank Heaven enough for this profound honor to be of greater and higher service.

So what is Purification and Spiritual Testing?
There are several wonderful videos and posts on these topics.  The first two videos I would like to share are from Master David Lusch which I have posted below.  I have watched these several times and the wisdom and teachings have helped me tremendously!  I know they can help you as well! Receive these simply stated yet high level teachings to help transform your blockages and be of greater service!

With greatest love and gratitude, Master Laurie

Master David Lusch about Purification

Master David Lusch - How to Pass Spiritual Testing