Friday, October 23, 2015

Purification to Allow for Greater Service

As I reviewed my last post,  in retrospect, I am aware of the deeper purification I needed that day.  The following day, I had the great honor to receive authorization from Dr. and Grandmaster Sha to be able to write and sell some Tao Calligraphies he had taught us!  It was such a great blessing and I was so grateful that I received such purification the previous day that helped make it possible for me to recieve such a great honor, blessing, and opportunity to be of greater service!

Many times, when purification occurs, one can get caught up in with the pain and challenge of the process.  In one of my previous blogs, I attached a video of Master David giving such wise teachings of how to best move through purification and spiritual testing and I recommend we all review it again!

The response of acknowledging we are purifying or in spiritual testing, sincerely being grateful for the process, asking forgiveness, learning the lesson connected to purification/spiritual testing, and doing a practice to help transform one's condition is so valuable!  I found that when I apply Dr. & Master Sha's teachings and focus on love, forgiveness, compassion, light, gratitude, and service, the purification process moves through much more quickly.  Often I have observed that sometimes we prolong our purification and testing process by focusing on the purification blockage by talking about it, analyzing it, etc.  Instead, I immediately try to transform it by saying something like, "thank you (for the awareness and lesson), I'm sorry, please transform to love and light."  I then use any of Dr. & Master Sha's recommended mantras or practices.

The rewards in working on our purification are so profound, so generous and beneficial to one's soul journey.  I feel so much lighter and joyous!  I know you can as well!

With greatest love and light,  Master Laurie

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