Thursday, September 24, 2015

More time in Tao Chang Healing Field

The following are my experiences of several sessions in the Tao Chang Healing Field.

Morning session:  I literally just came out of the Tao Chang Healing Field minutes ago and I felt compelled to share my experiences.  This morning I had an hour to be in this greatest healing field which provides one of the greatest healing services.  My mind feels like it is slowly adjusting back to this world.  I feel quieted like I don't want to speak a sound.  It is an ethereal sense of peace.

I started with my honoring of the space and my forgiveness practice which continued as I lay on the massage table in the room.  I could feel the blockages within my heart space slowly easing.  I had images and the sense of molasses textured blockages within me transforming to dusty sand then dissolving away.  I feel so grateful and blessed!

Evening session:  I entered the sacred space that evening with a bit of a headache.  I was blessed to spend another hour there.  More blockages released - my headache intensified and I also felt some nausea.  I knew this was a deeper level of purification for me and I attempted to go into deeper forgiveness and gratitude, however, my physical discomfort made it difficult to think.  Due to my headache, I tried not to lie and did some sitting meditation, and movement to work out some of the tension and blockages.  I wanted to focus more on my lower abdomen area however felt blocked there.  At the end of my hour, I was still in the state of physical purification and I was so grateful!  My soul could understand that this physical release was a great blessing!  My pain subsided over the course of the evening and I went to bed feeling much better!  I knew I was so blessed that I was able to get deep levels and layers of healing in the Tao Chang Healing Field.  We are so blessed to have such a powerful healing and purification service!

Thank you Master Sha and Heaven for bringing this space to serve humanity!

Friday, September 18, 2015

One of the Greatest Services - Tao Chang Field

One of the greatest service that Dr.  & Master Sha has created is the Tao Chang Healing Field, located in Honolulu, Hawaii.  This room is a most powerful and sacred healing field, given to humanity to heal, rejuvenate, purify, and transform any aspect of one's life, including physical, emotional, mental health issues, relationships, finances and more.  Within this space, one is surrounded by over twenty sacred, beautiful, and powerful healing Tao calligraphies written and blessed by Dr. and Master Sha that provides immense healing and blessings.

I could feel my soul's excitement as my time to enter the Tao Chang Healing Field neared.  Upon entering this sacred space, one is instructed to bow in honor of the sacred field, do a forgiveness practice, and make a healing request.   I made a request to greater align with the Divine or Creator so I could be a greater servant for humanity and all souls. 

After entering the Tao Chang Field, I laid on a massage table alongside others receiving blessings, including my daughter, niece and mother.  It was a heart warming feeling to have my family share 
this experience with me.

I saw my daughter and niece passed out and thought I would soon be sleeping soundly too.  Instead   I immediately noticed some anxiety coming up, I had booked 2 hours in the Tao Chang Field but my mind kept thinking this was not enough!  I was acutely aware of my many blockages that needed to be cleared and knew I needed a LOT of time in the Tao Chang Field!  I knew I needed to deepen my forgiveness practices and continuously ask for forgiveness for all of my and my ancestors' mistakes that had created such blockages within me.

My mind seemed to be aware of the many things happening around me.  I could clearly hear the teachings being shared in the room outside and the wisdom penetrated deeply within my soul. I could feel physical sensations within my body.  It started on my left side then moved to my right side, then back to my left side.  So many blockages were being removed all over my body including my brain. Later, I started seeing colors, and images such as faces and felt the presence of many beings and realized my spiritual channels were opening!  I was so grateful!

There seemed to be so many levels and layers of things going on at such rapid speeds that my mind could not even process a small percentage of what was occurring.  I was so grateful I booked two hours for my session as my purification kept deepening.  The physical discomfort I experienced prior to stepping into the room subsided, however, my mind and body felt spent as so much healing, purification, and openings occurred.  I felt so extremely grateful and looked forward to my next Tao Chang Field experience.

The next day,  I was again blessed to be able to lie in the Tao Chang Field for another 2 hours.  This second experience was quite different.  I found myself knocked out for a bit.   I woke up and saw my daughter had entered the sacred space.  She happily greeted me and laid down on the massage table next to me.  This happy greeting itself demonstrated the positive transformation of my daughter as she usually would not greet me in such a delightful way.   I was thrilled!

During this second session, although my mind seemed to be in a half sleeping state, I began receiving messages as I asked how I could better align with the Source.  I had the feeling and image of universes opening up to me allowing me to get a greater understanding of what it means to align with the Source.  I knew messages were being communicated to me, however, my mind could not clearly comprehend it.  I was comforted however, as I felt I received these messages on deeper soul level.

After I flew back home,  I felt the frequency shift and felt my energy and mood somewhat deflated.  I quickly connected and remembered my experience in the Tao Chang Field and to my happy surprise, my energy and mood quickly lifted and I felt such light around me!  I was amazed as even though I was no longer physically in the Tao Chang Field, it was still generously serving and blessing me.

Although I have tried to articulate my experiences, I realize again that my descriptions are so incomplete and limited.  Every experience is unique and one truly has to experience this AMAZING Tao Chang Healing Field for oneself!  I cannot say enough about the great generosity Dr. and Master Sha and Heaven has given us to have such a high level healing service on Mother Earth!  I highly encourage everyone to receive this powerful service!  I am excited to return to the Tao Chang Field again and to bring my spouse and other family members to also receive the profound healing blessings of one of the greatest treasures and services!


Friday, September 4, 2015

Great Blessings through Service

I was most honored and grateful to become a Tao Calligraphy Teacher a couple of weeks ago.  I was so excited to be able to serve in this way and was thrilled to get authorization from Dr. & Grandmaster Sha to hold an Introduction to Tao Calligraphy Writing Workshop, the following Sunday.

I felt the workshop went well!  With just a few days notice,  I had sixteen participants.  The workshop also received positive evaluations and I was happy to hear that a student realized the sacredness and power of Tao Calligraphy!   In reflecting upon the workshop experience where I believed I would be of service,  I realized instead that I was the one receiving good service and great blessings!

In the process of developing my presentation, I was able to consult with a most gracious and wise Tao Calligraphy Healer from Toronto who speaks and writes fluently in Chinese.  She gave such wonderful suggestions and tips.  Our email interactions warmed my heart!  For me, it was a true blessing to collaborate and connect with such a beautiful soul although we were physically miles apart.

I also received great blessings as I reviewed videos and resources by my beloved teacher, Dr. & Grandmaster Zhi Gang Sha.  The blessings from his You Tube videos, dvds, and books were so powerful and inspiring, my supposed "work" to prepare my presentation went by quickly and happily! This was quite a shift from my university days where I would feel quite stressed and anxious preparing for presentations.  I cannot thank Dr. & Grandmaster Sha enough as my life has truly transformed since I have met him.  I have received tremendous wisdom, blessings, and practices that continue to help me grow in so many ways and have allowed me to become a greater servant!

I strongly encourage everyone to attend Dr. and Grandmaster Sha's next Tao Calligraphy Special Training and other events!  It will surely bless and serve you beyond words!