Thursday, March 17, 2016

Greater Service through Love Peace and Harmony

For me, the message of Love, Peace, and Harmony has transformed my life.  Dr. & Master Sha often writes, "What we chant is what we become!"    The messages and positive vibrations from the words and Source Soul Song of Love, Peace and Harmony transformed many of my negative blockages so I can feel greater love, peace and harmony.

As I am able to feel more love, peace and harmony in my life, I find I am able to better serve others and feel so much happier, honored, and grateful to serve and do my many daily tasks!

Join me in offering greater service by supporting the Love Peace Harmony Foundation!  Please go to website below to show your support by March 20th.

The launching of a beautiful video about love, peace and harmony featuring a most beloved Maui family will be on March 20th!  Watch and share it and let us spread Love, Peace and Harmony worldwide!

With greatest love and gratitude,  

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