Thursday, September 24, 2015

More time in Tao Chang Healing Field

The following are my experiences of several sessions in the Tao Chang Healing Field.

Morning session:  I literally just came out of the Tao Chang Healing Field minutes ago and I felt compelled to share my experiences.  This morning I had an hour to be in this greatest healing field which provides one of the greatest healing services.  My mind feels like it is slowly adjusting back to this world.  I feel quieted like I don't want to speak a sound.  It is an ethereal sense of peace.

I started with my honoring of the space and my forgiveness practice which continued as I lay on the massage table in the room.  I could feel the blockages within my heart space slowly easing.  I had images and the sense of molasses textured blockages within me transforming to dusty sand then dissolving away.  I feel so grateful and blessed!

Evening session:  I entered the sacred space that evening with a bit of a headache.  I was blessed to spend another hour there.  More blockages released - my headache intensified and I also felt some nausea.  I knew this was a deeper level of purification for me and I attempted to go into deeper forgiveness and gratitude, however, my physical discomfort made it difficult to think.  Due to my headache, I tried not to lie and did some sitting meditation, and movement to work out some of the tension and blockages.  I wanted to focus more on my lower abdomen area however felt blocked there.  At the end of my hour, I was still in the state of physical purification and I was so grateful!  My soul could understand that this physical release was a great blessing!  My pain subsided over the course of the evening and I went to bed feeling much better!  I knew I was so blessed that I was able to get deep levels and layers of healing in the Tao Chang Healing Field.  We are so blessed to have such a powerful healing and purification service!

Thank you Master Sha and Heaven for bringing this space to serve humanity!

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