Friday, August 14, 2015

Balancing and Prioritizing My Service with my Family

Balancing and prioritizing how and where I serve is something I continue to work on.  I have felt a great commitment and honor to be able to serve in various ways, as a psychologist, healer, mother, spouse, mentor, friend, etc. 
Recently, I have been traveling back and forth on weekends to be able to better serve my soul journey by being able to be with my beloved spiritual teacher, Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha.   This for me has been one of the greatest honors and privileges.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to also serve as Dr. & Master Sha's disciple and Worldwide Representative.       
I am also very appreciative of my family and my career.  I have been very blessed to have a supportive family and clients with whom I really enjoy working.  Because my family have been quite supportive for me in the past and I have been able to take trips when needed for workshops or events I feel I am sometimes taking them for granted.
I had a great realization on how much I needed to better serve them when I returned home from a workshop and reflected on my interaction with my family.  When I was away, I was quite busy and rarely contacted them.  When I returned home from my trips, they were already asleep.  The next morning I was also up early on teleconference calls.  One time, when my spouse greeted me for the first time since I was away and wanted some attention, I instead, I gave him an "excuse me, I'm on the call" look.  As he turned away, I immediately felt so sorry and silently did a forgiveness practice.  I was aware that I really needed to integrate the deep teachings and wisdom Dr. & Master Sha shares of giving greatest love, compassion to our family and being in balance.

I have since made greater attempts when I am home to be more consciously present with them.  I am grateful for evenings when I am able to return home before my daughter's bedtime to give her my full attention and pour my love in the massages she loves to receive.  I am also working on having each interaction with my spouse whether a greeting, text, request, etc. be of a more loving and appreciative tone.   This has really helped me feel more aligned with the love and joy of service, my teacher, Dr. & Master Sha teaches us and constantly embodies.  I am most grateful that I have received this important insight of how I can be of greater service in this way!

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