Sunday, June 28, 2015

Purification and Spiritual Testing

Aloha everyone,

My humble apologies for not blogging as regularly as I hoped.  Since my last post, I was able to receive much purification and spiritual testing!  However, I sincerely am so very happy, grateful and honored for these experiences as they have helped me receive tremendous wisdom and insights on how to be able to continue to serve during challenging times.   These challenges provided me with precious opportunities for growth and being of higher service.   Being able to purify further and "pass" several spiritual tests have allowed me to receive the greatest honor - to become a Worldwide Representative and Disciple of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha and a Divine Channel.  I cannot thank Heaven enough for this profound honor to be of greater and higher service.

So what is Purification and Spiritual Testing?
There are several wonderful videos and posts on these topics.  The first two videos I would like to share are from Master David Lusch which I have posted below.  I have watched these several times and the wisdom and teachings have helped me tremendously!  I know they can help you as well! Receive these simply stated yet high level teachings to help transform your blockages and be of greater service!

With greatest love and gratitude, Master Laurie

Master David Lusch about Purification

Master David Lusch - How to Pass Spiritual Testing

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